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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the homepage of the Socioinformatics Team of the University of Siegen! We are very pleased about your willingness to support our students as co-researchers and would like to thank you on behalf of Professor Claudia Müller and her entire team.

To give you a good introduction to the process, we summarize the main points and procedures here.

FAQ – Forum “Become a research partner”

FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions”.

Here we answer questions that may arise around the visit of the forum “Becoming a research partner”.

The forum “Become a research partner” is not public. Only users who have registered with us and created an account can and should read and write in it.

To join, surf to our “Become a research partner” forum: https://italg-forschungspartner-forum.wineme.wiwi.uni-siegen.de/. Here you have to “register” first. That means you click on “Register” (https://italg-forschungspartner-forum.wineme.wiwi.uni-siegen.de/register) and get directly to the input mask. Here you tell us your data, give yourself a user name (alias or short form) and a password known only to you (you should remember the access data well). You will receive a request to confirm your registration to the e-mail address you provided. Once you have done this, you can use the forum, because with this you have then created a so-called account. This account is practical: the next time you come back to the forum, all you have to do is click on “Login” (https://italg-forschungspartner-forum.wineme.wiwi.uni-siegen.de/login and enter your user name (alias or short form) or your e-mail address and secret password. This will give you immediate access to the two sub-forums and you can read along or write (“post”).

You can be sure that we always treat your data confidentially and do not pass it on to unauthorized persons. The protection of your data is particularly important to us. We comply with the current privacy policy of the University of Siegen, which you can find here: (https://www.wineme.uni-siegen.de/kontakt/datenschutzerklaerung/).

In the case of publications, only data that does not allow any conclusion to be drawn about the person or institution is published. For this purpose, all names, places and institutions etc. will be anonymized. Within the scope of the projects in which you are involved, you will receive a data protection and consent declaration separately. These declarations are binding for us. This ensures that your data will only be used with your consent within the framework of the conditions we have declared and of which you have taken note.

No, you do not need any special expertise to participate in our forum. Participatory design processes are characterized by the fact that everyone should be involved and that “design” is done under conditions that are as close to reality as possible. It is not an obstacle to be tech-savvy for the same reason.

Our forum works similar to the advertisement section of a newspaper, which used to be called “Such’ und Find'”. The forum is divided into two subsections. In one of them our research partners present themselves. This is titled “Presentation of the Co-Researchers”. The other subforum is for our students to present their projects. This one is titled “Presentation of the projects”. All forum members introduce themselves in their forum. This is done by means of a so-called “profile” (see FAQ “What is the profile?”). After the profile has been “pinned” on the respective subforum, registered users can read it. Meaningful pairings are made by contacting those people with whom collaboration is a possibility. To learn how to make contact, see “How do I create a topic or reply?”

The profile is used by users in the “Becoming a research partner” forum to describe themselves in keywords. You, the co-researchers, introduce yourself in the sub-forum “Introduction of co-researchers” with a short vita. We provide the following points for your orientation:

  • Name/Alias
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Optional: what type of research are you interested in?

Our students* will “post” a similar profile in their “Introduction of Projects” sub-forum describing what type of collaboration they are looking for.

You create a topic by opening the subforum “Research partner” and creating a post. Give this post a meaningful title. By clicking on “Submit” you place your “Post” in the subforum. Now the other users can see it and read it (also by clicking on it) and reply to it if they are interested. Replying to a post is similar and comparable to composing an e-mail: You click on the corresponding post, write a reply in the input field that is now displayed and click on “Send” to send it.

We work with participatory methods such as interviews and questionnaires. For example, you may be interviewed individually or in a group by telephone or video conference, or asked to complete a questionnaire.

No, due to organizational framework conditions there is often a selective need for research partners. Your assignment will therefore tend to be of short duration and/or with changing students, e.g. by being interviewed once by telephone or video conference or by being asked to complete a questionnaire. The times at which you will be “deployed” will therefore vary, and may take place throughout the year. You will find exact details on the time periods in the profiles in the subforum “Presentation of the projects”.

Until further notice, all formats will take place online or by telephone due to the current situation.

No, your participation is voluntary and free of charge.

If required, we will be happy to provide you with a corresponding certificate of your participation in our scientific projects.