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Dear all,

In order to ensure that access to higher education and academic success do not depend on the cultural or social background of students, their educational origins or their circumstances, but rather on their individual willingness and ability to perform, higher education institutions must take the diversity of their students and staff into account when designing teaching and studies, advising and support.

This is precisely where the “Digital Diversity Guide” from the University of Siegen comes in.

It is a compact and needs-based digital guide for university staff on how to deal with various dimensions of diversity. The primary purpose of the “Diversity Guide” is to help teachers, students, and employees in technology and administration quickly find the right contact person within the university for their individual situations and specific questions.

In addition, the “Diversity Guide” provides an immediate overview of all target group-specific and diversity-oriented offers, measures and services at our university.

You can find out more about the Diversity Guide, contact points and support services on the Diversity Guide pages at https://diversity.uni-siegen.de/ .

An overview of the contact points can be found under Contact Points from the Diversity Guide of the University of Siegen.