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Project work or final exam „AddOn for IDE to support accessibility“

Accessibility Support Study in Development Environments (IDEs)


Participatory Design, Community Based Participatory Research, Accessibility, IDE, AddOn


The research project iDESkmu (in short: inclusive DMS / ECMS and industry software in SMEs; further information on iDESkmu at https://italg.wineme.uni-siegen.de/?page_id=14 and www.projekt-ideskmu.de) is aimed at Maintenance and generation of barrier-free IT jobs.

In the course of the first field studies, it has already been shown that the topic cannot and should not be so easily limited to IT workspaces.

For this reason, we offer thematic project and final theses from the area of ​​”Accessibility”.


Accessible software is one of the prerequisites for accessible IT workplaces. In practice, however, it is still very tedious to develop software that is accessible. One of the reasons for this is the lack of support for development. A possible support could be an add-on for the development environment (IDE), which checks certain criteria necessary for the barrier-free development already during the programming and offers the developer help.

Your task is to use suitable research methods to find out whether and which need “during development” with regard to barrier-free software is necessary, to create and evaluate solutions.


  • Experience with development environments (IDE) and programming experience desirable, but not a must
  • Interest in participatory approaches (Participatory Design, Community Based Participatory Research)
  • (Very) good command of the German language
  • Independent work, commitment and fun working in a team
  • Communicative and ready to work with users
  • Previous experience in qualitative field research and empirical research desirable

Target group

Students of the HCI, business informatics or related courses.


The scope is based on the course and format (thematic project or final theses).


According to the arrangement


Sven Bittenbinder (Dipl.-Wirt.Inform.)
Research assistant „iDESkmu“

Wirtschaftsinformatik/IT für die alternde Gesellschaft
Universität Siegen, Fakultät III
Kohlbettstraße 15
57072 Siegen

Room: US-E 117 (Campus Unteres Schloss)
Phone: 0271 740-4470
E-Mail: sven.bittenbinder@uni-siegen.de