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Announcement of a master/project thesis: Active City Innovation: After Corona

Subject/question: Public interactive music/movement installations to sensitize the citizens’ fear of infection during leisure activities (running/walking) within the city center of Siegen after COVID-19


Public spaces, dance, sound installation, physical activity, socio-informatics, Covid-19


The SINN-i sub-project Active City Innovation researches how urban spaces can become attractive places for movement. The reduction of inner-city green spaces and open spaces is one of many barriers that prevent people from moving around more. The development, implementation and evaluation of 12 experimentation scenarios for the promotion of physical activity will result in a handbook that will make it possible to implement the developed scenarios in other cities. The different topics will be carried out by partners from Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Japan and South Africa. The University of Siegen researches the scenario of Public Dancing. Public dances do not only bring joy and pleasure, they also offer citizens the opportunity for community and movement. Dancing creates a chance for a meeting of different cultures and age groups. The Corona (Covid-19) pandemic and the subsequent restrictive measures taken by the government meant that citizens had fewer points of contact and also had to protect the elderly in particular by their absence. The associated precautions and anxieties revealed new elementary issues of digital communication and living together. However, a relaxation of the security measures will not make the concerns that have prevailed for months disappear. This work will therefore examine the question of how technology can be used to sensitize and support people to dance together despite security measures and to increasingly move from the digital world back into the real world?

Questions to answer in the master/project thesis:

  • What are the requirements for the city/the stakeholders?
  • How can data be collected during implementation??
  • Which challenges and anxieties of the users must be considered?
  • How can people of different age groups be motivated to participate?
  • What is the concrete implementation of the new system?


  • Ability to work independently, commitment and enjoyment working in a team
  • Communicative and willing to work with users
  • Interest in participatory approaches (Participatory Design, Community Based Participatory Research)
  • Previous experience in qualitative and empirical work
  • Independent development of a prototype

For more information:

David Struzek (david.struzek@uni-siegen.de)

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller (Claudia.Mueller@uni-siegen.de)


Students of the HCI, WI or related courses.

As a project thesis also possible with multiple participants.

Start: As of now.

Further information about Active City Innovation: