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21. June 2022

Online presentation of the iDESkmu DMS sample workstation on 02.06.2022

The project iDESkmu (“inclusive document management systems and enterprise content management systems in small and medium-sized enterprises, administrations and self-help associations”) will present the DMS sample workplace online at the Berufsbildungswerk (BBW) of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) in Soest on 02.06.2022 from 10:00.

In the project “iDESkmu” researches and tests since 2019 different approaches to maintain and create barrier-free IT workplaces with a focus on blind and visually impaired people and document management systems.

In the consortium, the University of Siegen, Chair of “Business Informatics, in particular IT for the aging society” around Mrs. (Vertr.) Prof’in Dr. Claudia Müller, takes over, among other things, the practical research, consisting of requirement analyses, participatory design and conception methods as well as the evaluation of the results and their sustainability.

The DMS sample workstation is an outcome of the project, which will run until August 2022.

DMS sample workstation?

One of the goals of the iDESkmu project in recent years has been to work with cooperating companies from the DMS environment to find ways to make accessible IT easier to implement in a barrier-free manner as part of development or customer-specific adaptation. DMS stands here for document management systems and enterprise content management systems. Audits took place, the results of which were used for strategic considerations as well as for revision. But how can development and revision processes be designed to be inclusive in such a way that not only the respective requirements from regulations and guidelines are applied, but also an awareness is created of which people with disabilities will benefit from a feature? The DMS sample workstation is intended to provide support at precisely this point. After all, if assistive devices and the associated work methods can be experienced in practice, it is easier to assign the attributes necessary for proper interaction with assistive devices to elements. The DMS sample workstation will therefore be equipped with various hardware and software aids, such as a special keyboard or 3D mouse, various screen readers and magnification programs. In addition, the DMS software developed by the companies cooperating with iDESkmu will be installed so that it can be directly tested in practice. Both usability and accessibility tests are possible. On site at BBW Soest, a direct contact and exchange with people with disabilities can be established, who can report about their experiences with the respective software. Experience shows that such a direct and lively exchange facilitates the possibilities of thinking about inclusion already during programming. So while complex software on the one hand enriches the training opportunities of people with disabilities, the associated experiences can flow directly into development processes.

The DMS sample workstation will be presented on 02.06.2022 from 10:00 am. Representatives of DMS manufacturers and DMS-related companies will use it to demonstrate or describe their successes and challenges with regard to the accessibility of their software. The workstation will be demonstrated in its practical application. So you’ll have the opportunity to see DMS and other software in action in conjunction with assistive technology hardware and software.

Join us as we present this milestone for practical testing of accessibility in software development processes.

Please register by sending an informal email to girke@bitvconsult.de. You will then receive a zoom link a few days before the event.