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9. October 2020

Invitation to a design workshop for an accessibility test tool

The development of self-applicable and easily understandable test criteria is an important milestone in raising awareness for accessible software. One of the aims of the iDESkmu project (including document management systems and enterprise content management systems in medium-sized companies) is to design and develop a test tool for barrier-free software and easy access to test criteria and catalogs.

In order to determine what requirements such a test tool must have in practice, we are looking for representatives (co-researchers) from different groups of actors to jointly define requirements, functionality and “design” of the test tool in a design workshop. We are looking for companies, employees and developers not only from the DMS / ECMS area as well as specialists for accessibility.

With your participation you contribute to the progress in the design and development of accessible software and benefit from it at the same time. For example:

  • Employees with disabilities or restrictions have the opportunity to participate efficiently in working life via barrier-free IT workstations.
  • With the development of accessible software, companies gain access to new target groups, for example People with disabilities, public institutions, etc. In addition, they take on social commitment through the development and use of accessible software to enable people with disabilities to access the world of work and to enable their social environment, for example through barrier-free communication applications.
  • Software developers benefit directly from the test criteria and test tools that have been developed, as the accessibility of their own products can be tested independently at an early stage.

Become part of iDESkmu! Make a significant contribution to the future success of accessible software and take part in the design workshop!

Design workshop

In the design workshop, we use different methods in order to achieve the most objective and detailed results possible. This includes brainstorming, working with focus groups and (paper) prototyping. The methods used require implementation as a face-to-face workshop.

It is currently possible to take part in attendance while observing the applicable hygiene rules.

The workshop is divided into different work phases over a duration of approx. 6 hours with enough breaks for relaxation and a generous lunch break to eat (included).

By participating in the design workshop, you already have access to the first results of our research, contact accessibility experts and have the opportunity to check your software (DMS / ECSM) for accessibility free of charge as part of our project according to the “BIT inclusive” software test level 1 to let.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


We are currently planning to hold the workshop on the day below. The prerequisite for this are enough participants from the various groups of actors.

October 16, 2020 from 9:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.

University of Siegen, Lower Castle campus

Kohlbettstrasse 15, 57072 Siegen


We are very happy to receive numerous registrations from the various groups of actors, “developer” and “employees”, not only from the DMS / ECSM area, as well as from managers and experts for accessibility.

If you are interested, please send us an email to Sven Bittenbinder (sven.bittenbinder@uni-siegen) or Fabiano Pinatti (fabiano.pinatti@uni-siegen.de) by October 13, 2020.

Note: The workshop will be held in German

If you would like to know more about the project, the design workshops, the test tool or anything else on the subject of accessibility, you can find more information on our project website http://www.projekt-ideskmu.de or contact us directly using the ones listed below Addresses.

Dr. Fabiano Pinatti

Room: US-E 114 (Campus Unteres Schloss)
Phone: 0271 740 – 2002
E-Mail: fabiano.pinatti@uni-siegen.de

Sven Bittenbinder

Room: US-E 117 (Campus Unteres Schloss)
Phone: 0271 740 – 4470
E-Mail: sven.bittenbinder@uni-siegen.de

Further information on the background of the project and the workshops can be found in the flyer “Background of the design workshop for an accessibility test tool” (German only).