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13. March 2020

Radio interview lifetime (Deutschlandfunk): Outside in front of and disconnected, living without internet

Some live, at least temporarily, without the Internet out of conviction, others have no other choice in the dead zone: more than eleven million people in Germany are digitally on the sidelines. Especially women of retirement age with low education are permanently offline. In this radio interview on the Lifespan program of Deutschlandfunk, Claudia Müller, together with BAGSO Vice Chairwoman Dr. Regine Görner and moderator Andreas Stopp, talks to listeners on the phone about their experiences and motivations regarding the Internet and digitization.

Not everyone feels left behind, many of them deliberately use other ways to obtain information or maintain contacts. But at the latest when bank transfers, tax returns or travel can only be handled online, the question of equal participation in society arises. To what extent are senior citizens particularly affected? Are there enough purely analogue offers or are these discontinued models? Will citizens sooner or later be forced to buy appropriate equipment and acquire Internet skills? Will PCs and smartphones open up new horizons and contact possibilities for them, making their everyday lives easier? Or will it complicate their analog form of existence?

Click here for the whole radio interview Lebenszeit (Deutschlandfunk – Only in german): Living without Internet.